Name this Doodle – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

I discovered this doodle in my sketch book last night, forlorn and unfinished. Poor dear.

Now that she’s here in all her glory, what shall I call her?

On Day 3 of Art Every Day Month, here is your chance to do a little creative naming.

Hey, don’t forget to visit my other blog, where I’m also participating in AEDM!


6 thoughts on “NAME THIS DOODLE

  1. Wow! At first I was speechless … then I got “Precious Possibility” 🙂

    So glad you found her and shared her with the world, Sue!

  2. “See Life”…It appears to me as an Octopus swimmimng over a Jellyfish or a Sea Anemone…so the and then I saw the eye in the center of the Octopi and thought of the play on words..Cool stuff

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