Peace on Earth Goodwill to Everyone

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain and high winds. So far so good we still have power. A little while later we had thunder and lightening, hail, and rain. Im lounging around enjoying a lazy-ish morning doing art, answering e-mail, talking to friends. Good stuff.

This image was created using a scan of an angel I made a few years back when I was a paper maker. The background is one of my digital mandalas. Doodles by Wacom. Such fun.


Noodling Doodle

noodle dancing

noodle dancing

(for Doodle Week – a body doodle)

I have a friend who plays in a Grateful Dead cover band. While I am more familiar with the 60’s version of GD music, he is more in tune with their 80’s incarnation. Recently I read a description of dancing to Grateful Dead music as “Noodle Dancing.”

I loved the image.

Ooooh the colors…….!

( I hope you will click on the link to the Miracle Show’s music)