BURST OUT – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

One of the pleasures of Art Every Day Month is that I get to give myself permission to try out new things. I set out creating this design with a desire to experiment with watercolor frisket, and to play more with watercolor crayons and twinkling h2o’s.

What did I learn? Well,  you really do need the right tools (note to self:add that frisket nib and new brushes to art store shopping list). It probably takes experimenting to learn what those tools are. Oh yea, and it’s fun to burst out in new directions.

This kind of reminds me of one of those wall clocks from the 50’s, no doubt inspired by sputnik. (Does anyone else here besides me even remember sputnik?)

What do you see?


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Rainy Day Doodle – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

What better activity is there on a rainy day than doodling? This doodle is actually a work in progress. I thought I would post changes over the next couple of days. I am not a quick sketch kinda gal. My doodles often take a few days to complete. This time I’m thinking outside the circle. Im gonna drawl all over the page!

I’m down with a cold. Sympathy and chicken soup are always appreciated. Doodling is a great between naps pasttime!

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~sue doodles



Well, she called out finish me, and so I did!

Art Every Day Month 2008

Leah Piken Kolidas is doing it again! Yippee. I had such fun last year during her Art Every Day in November challenge, and I have re-upped to participate again this year. If you do not know about her art or her encouraging manner, be sure to go visit her here. Hope you play with us. I’ll  be picking up the challenge on my other blog, too.


I have experienced a creative frenzy this weekend (oh, you too?)which began on Friday after work and now, on Sunday evening, is just beginning to subside.

I’ve spent most of the weekend at the computer, except for the time I happily doodled before beddy-bye on Friday night. When I was finished, I saw am image that reverberated with the energy of Ganesh, the Hindu god who is Remover of Obstacles, the patron of art and science, and a deva of intellect and wisdom. He is a happy guy and mucho fun.

Morning Prayer

Aum Lord Ganesha, you make the flowers grow. You keep the Earth going around the Sun. You keep things going right. You are lord of the devas. I am one of your devas, too. Help me to think of the needs of others, and to be kind to everyone I meet. Help me to think of you first before beginning anything new, and to always do what is right and kind. Ganesha, sharanam sharanam, Ganesha.