By the See


By the See – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

This doodle was birthed while waiting to see my doctor earlier this week. Everything is fine and I thank you all for your wishes of well-being. I am learning that when the body is out of balance it rebels until balance is restored. So one thing I’ve decided to do is  give up coffee. It’s day ten without coffee-bean caffeine; Im learning to love this new even-keeled calm. I like green and white teas and will probably go back to yerba matte for a while too. The good thing about coming off coffee while not feeling up to par is that the withdrawl headache is indistinguishable from the not-feeling-good one.

Doodling and coloring is calming as well. While there are certain shapes that reappear often, I never have any idea where I am going until I am done.

I love that. No preconceived notions except for the wholeness of the circle. There must be a lesson about life there, too!

What do you see?



zentangle inspired doodling

Meanderings – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

Over at the Mandala Oasis, different members have been showing off their zentangle-inspired mandalas. Me wanna play too!

Zendalas? Mandoodles? Whatever we choose to call them, they are a great opportunity for playing with lots of different color media (crayon, neocolors, sharpies, oil pastels, twinkling h2o’s)

Hey! while you are at it, check out Milliande’s way-inspiring video on zendala-making