Way back at the beginning of the month,  I made some comments about creating an intention of being imperfect during this AEDM month.

Perfectionism can be a  crippling mental disorder that has, at its core, the fear of making a mistake. I heard this definition on Oprah, and it really rang true for me. I recognize this as a part of my emotional set. I am by no means debilitated by this, but I do know when my mind is holding me back by this fear.

(It’s hard to write about this stuff without it sounding like I’m being hard on myself.)

Doodling is one place where my perfectionism is quieted a little.

A couple of years ago someone told me about Zentangles, and I tried to adopt it without really learning the different *tangles* (patterns).  And then  I developed my own doodling style, which by now is pretty recognizable, like handwriting.

And it was good.

But I’ve been getting a little bored, and so I thought I would venture back to the world of Zentangles. I’ve never bought their little kit, but I do get the Zentangle newsletter. And they have new patterns in most of their newsletter issues which are archived on their website. So I copied the patterns onto a word document, printed them out,  then got out my sketch book and practiced.

yincut and beeline tangles

SeZ (this would make a nice pillow, I think)

paradox and jonquil tangles

eye-wa, swarm, pepper, munch in and jonquil tangles

AEDM Zendala © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

I played with these tangles for about five days, and like any kind of learning curve it felt awkward. And that’s sure ok.  It’s good to stretch and try new things and feel new. I’m glad I did this and will try to play with these tangles some more before the month is over.

So regarding perfectionism. How many of you out there struggle with perfectionism, and what do you do to quiet those voices?


Noodling Doodle

noodle dancing

noodle dancing

(for Doodle Week – a body doodle)

I have a friend who plays in a Grateful Dead cover band. While I am more familiar with the 60’s version of GD music, he is more in tune with their 80’s incarnation. Recently I read a description of dancing to Grateful Dead music as “Noodle Dancing.”

I loved the image.

Ooooh the colors…….!

( I hope you will click on the link to the Miracle Show’s music)