give her a hand – © sue okieffe 2008

a year ago i rose to leah piken kolidas challenge to create every day during the month of november and tried my hand at non digital art. after a year i’ve learned that doodling is relaxing and fun. it also improves my eye, helps me better understand design concepts, and all i have to do is put my sharpie on paper and let go. i’m hooked.

so when i gave my doodles their own blog and started to look around for others who meandered on paper, low and behold i  discovered  a whole new world of doodling fools giving credence to this so much fun art form. over at doodlage!, RaShell is showcasing doodlers from all over the world. woohoo, not only am i having fun but im fashionable as well. imagine that! be sure to check out her 150th post which inspired this, my 28th.

so ive circled round another year and committed to a month of creativity.  stay tuned for another fun filled month of doodling. while you’re at it, come visit me at my other blog and get an eyefull of my inspiring digital mandala art.


8 thoughts on “GIVE THAT GIRL A HAND

  1. I love doing hands.. I’ve got a whole drawer of rubber stamps of hands.. some like henna. This one would be a cool stamp 🙂
    Love it!!!

  2. Hi Sue,

    This is absolutely beautiful!!! Very detailed and elegant. I will steal it for my next post, if you don’t mind (with the credit, of course!)
    Thanks for the link too 🙂

  3. Hi
    I jus happen to see your art works, after this i too wanted to stop to scribble and start doodling. GIVE THAT GIRL A HAND is nice one but here in INDIA this is called mehendhi or henna which is prelevant in nothern part of india on every occasion.
    Now its turned up into art form where classes are conducted to apply mehendhi and books available on designs and themes.



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