Noodling Doodle

noodle dancing

noodle dancing

(for Doodle Week – a body doodle)

I have a friend who plays in a Grateful Dead cover band. While I am more familiar with the 60’s version of GD music, he is more in tune with their 80’s incarnation. Recently I read a description of dancing to Grateful Dead music as “Noodle Dancing.”

I loved the image.

Ooooh the colors…….!

( I hope you will click on the link to the Miracle Show’s music)


Dancing © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

Mostly I spend too much time sitting in front of a computer creating digital mandalas (see here), and I decided I wanted to find a playground away from the digital realm. I enjoy letting a pen meander on paper without any notion of where it is going and letting the colors choose themselves. Doodling is a soothing way for me to let my mind unwind.

It’s hard to see the glitter I used for embellishment in this scanned image, but when I look at it all I do is smile.

Recently an artist friend suggested to me that I might want to treat these drawings with more respect and find another word to describe them besides doodling. What else would I call them? What would you call them?

I’d love to know.