Transitions – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

I doodled this around the time of Winter Solstice, thinking about seasonal shifts from darkness to light and what might be seen seen from above (way above!) during different seasons of the year. At the heart is change, of course. I love the wildness of winter as much as I love the expectancy that comes with spring.

On my mind right now is what I would like to usher into my life for 2009…not so much New Year’s Resolutions but New Year’s Intentions. 2008 was all about wonder for me. Here I am creating a daily doodling practice where a year ago I would have said I do not draw. Will wonders never cease?!  It’s good to let go of those self-defeating definitions, break out of the box, try out new things.

I have been reading  stories on Christine Kane’s blog, the stories of women who chose a one word intention for the year just ending and what has transpired for them.  Lisa Call’s story about courage was especially inspiring for me.

What about you? Do you have a ritual of setting intentions into place for the coming new year?




Mehndi is a form of skin decoration drawn with henna that is traditionally applied to brides(and bridegrooms)  in India and South-East Asia before a wedding. It is also used during any ceremony, after the 7th month of pregnancy, after the baby is born, and for family get-togethers.(from wikipedia) For those of you not familiar with mehndi, here is a link that will take you to an amazing gallery of images.

I am fascinated by these traditions and honor those who learn the craft. Over the weekend I had fun playing with the patterns used in henna art. After drawing the mandala, I brought it into Photoshop, played around with inversion adjustments and   gradient fills, as well as making photoshop brushes from the original design.

Manic Monday’s meme for the week is tradition and this is my contribution. Expect so see more Mehndi patterns in the future as well as an offering of the brushes I make .  How about Mehndi Monday, rather than Manic Monday? Hm. Manic Mehndi has a nice ring to it, too!




Peace on Earth Goodwill to Everyone

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain and high winds. So far so good we still have power. A little while later we had thunder and lightening, hail, and rain. Im lounging around enjoying a lazy-ish morning doing art, answering e-mail, talking to friends. Good stuff.

This image was created using a scan of an angel I made a few years back when I was a paper maker. The background is one of my digital mandalas. Doodles by Wacom. Such fun.


Doodle Week Day #1


Doodle Tree – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

Hope I can make it for most of this week’s Doodle Fest at Doodle Week. I just found out that  Manic Monday’s meme for this week is also tree. A doodle two-fer. Sweet!

I unabashedly borrowed the idea for this tree off a Christmas card I saw in Ashland OR not too long ago. Then I photoshopped the image onto a piece of red decorative paper I had scanned onto my computer. What would I do without those photoshop blending modes anyway?




YES!© Sue O’Kieffe 2008

Here is the antidote for those times when it seems like all you hear are resounding no’s. Put a few YESes in your life.

I am grateful for a man in Oz who reminds me on a regular basis to stay positive. My original intention was to post this image in time for his birthday last Monday, but darn it all, my computer decided it was time for a new hard drive and power supply.  I have been without computer access since Sunday and I’m still waiting for my local computer gurus to finish finetuning whatever was ailing my poor baby. Thankfully, the harddrive was replaced before it totally crashed.

Note to self: get those files backed up that you’ve been meaning to do for a while.

Anyway, hello Scot and happy belated. Thanks for your wonderful sense of humour and upbeat attitude. You are Positively Fourth Street!




New Day Dawning – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

There sure has been some mighty wild and wooly energy abounding in the cosmos the past few days. Have you felt it? The affect it has had on me has been insomnia. Well, not really insomnia, but no desire to sleep. I just couldn’t stop.

So the other night before I finally settled down at 3 am, I thought my mind was going to explode with all the synapses exploding. Wham. Bam. Zizzle. Pow.


Yesterday, when I finished coloring (ooo rediscovering my prismacolors again…such yummy intense colors) and looked at the image, the message I felt it had for me was a lot of struggle and frustration was falling away to make room for new beginnings and a more expansive outlook. And there is something about this image that suggests to my mind, at least, of floating above it all, detached yet engaged in the process of life.

How does this image speak to you?



Follow the Music – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

How many of you out there have seen the movie August Rush ? For those of you whose hands are not raised, I heartily recommend renting this dvd. The main theme is about how music connect us all together for those who are willing to listen…melodic psychic vibrations linking you to me and me to you.

While creating this zendala, I was struck by the thought of the music all around, in the air, in the water, beating in the earth, crackling in the fire. Tune your ears to all those sounds we tend to tune out on a day to day basis…water dripping, car horns honking, coins dropping on the floor, paper rustling, keystrokes tapping…such exquisite percussion! Just tune in to that sound and stop thinking of it as annoyance and more like…life.