AEDM #22 Reception

Reception © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

Earlier this week I was doing some energy work with my coach. The energy coursing through my hands was amazing, and I made a mental note to draw what it felt like. I felt my hand chakras opening wide.

This is an outline of my left hand, palm upward, that I doodled in. Left hand is feminine and receiving side. Hence the name. Electrical currents bursting through my finger tips. Gosh, we are all so powerful this way.

On another note, in case you didn’t catch my  earlier announcement, I have published my first Sue Doodles calendar this year. You can order directly from me up until November 30 and receive a bit of a price break on shipping.Ordering details are here. The calendar is a lot of fun. I enjoyed every minute of putting it together.



cosmic dolly

Cosmic Dolly © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

I’ve just had one of those mornings where technology has not been on my side. So let me try this again.

I’m back for my third November of AEDM, the community building, no pressure  creativity encouraging annual November event begun by  Leah Piken Kolidas. I’m looking forward to focusing on trying new things, just having fun, and practicing imperfection during the next 30 26 days .

I actually created Cosmic Dolly last month, and she was lots of fun  to bring to life, with her colorful, mandala-inspired clothing and springy blonde ringlets. I think she’s fun and powerful, what with her snake and bluebird allies and spiral shield decorated with Christmas tree lights.

I ran into a snag when it came to drawing her face and found Milliande’s video on the subject really helpful. I’m having some trouble getting the video to  post on my blog, so I hope you will go to the link and take a look at her great suggestions.

Im going to practice faces this month, and play with my doodles in different ways and who knows what else I might try? I want to play some more with my photography, and maybe try my hand at writing haiku.

This is gunna be a fun month. Yee-haw!