zentangle inspired doodling

Meanderings – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

Over at the Mandala Oasis, different members have been showing off their zentangle-inspired mandalas. Me wanna play too!

Zendalas? Mandoodles? Whatever we choose to call them, they are a great opportunity for playing with lots of different color media (crayon, neocolors, sharpies, oil pastels, twinkling h2o’s)

Hey! while you are at it, check out Milliande’s way-inspiring video on zendala-making


Birth © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

Soft curves birth jagged angles

Wholeness finally emerges

We birth completion

Again and again and again

~Sue O’Kieffe


I don’t know exactly what I’m doing with this blog. Mostly I want to have fun and play with color on paper. And show off! Maybe I’ll be clever and light-hearted. Maybe I’ll show you my soul. Maybe I won’t. You’ll just have to wait and see.

I went to an art opening of Native American art over the weekend. I know my color choices for this doodle were influenced by that art, especially the art of Brian Tripp . I hope you look at the link to his work. His art stops me in my tracks everytime.

But I had already laid down the lines of the doodle before the art show. I just put down the pen and out came all those jaggedy paths. I try not to over-analyze what it’s all about. I just want to play. I pressed hard on the crayon. I colored over and over and over. Nothing fancy schmancy, just Crayola. I discovered a crayon color in the process called macaroni and cheese. My late night snack. More color. Boldness. I want bold.

The circle called to me. Put me in. Let me come through. Born holy and secure and sound.


Have you ever seen Angeles Arrien‘s book Signs of Life? In the book Arrien proposes that all cultures have 5 common symbols (circle, square, triangle, spiral,equidistant cross). Interesting, huh? We are all connected, we all have commonalities. And our contrasts is what makes us all so fascinating.

How do you feel when you look at my doodle(s)? When I was creating this one, what I felt was strong and determined.

Thank you for visiting. Please share your thoughts with me.

~Sue O’Kieffe