In my Dreams

Maybe it was the result of too much spicey food, but I’ve been dreaming in doodles.

Tidepool – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

Have you ever tickled a sea anemone?


4 thoughts on “In my Dreams

  1. Way Cool!..Like an Under the Sea Equator…I once dreamed all night about a major piece of art work I was later commissioned to create…I wrote all the details down when I woke and made a sketch of it…two days later an interior designer called me and asked me to give her a sketch asap of almost exactly what I had already put on paper…she about fell on the florr when I told her I already had it and I was pretty surprised myself!

    Lightfully, Kate
    “artful healing for the human spirit”

  2. Wow, Sue, you are doodling yes indeed. I love seeing some of them, and I feel wonderment anew at your creative Self. Such to gift to me and many.

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