AEDM Afterglow

Doodle Design 1 – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

I’m in  AEDM afterglow. I’m still processing a lot; mostly what I’m thinking about right now is all the great work I witnessed this past month. How lovely to be a part of it all.

One thing I want is to have more fun with my doodles, to just play with patterns and colors and not necessarily have to create a story around my work. I’m also wanting to play around with different color palettes. Oh yea, and there were a couple of things –playing with my moleskin book and pitt pens and drawing faces that I never got around to last month.

This is the colored in version, using prismacolors, of Day 30 AEDM. I like its semi-structural feel.

Thanks to Daisy Yellow and Eden for inspiring and influencing some new directions. Don’t ask me how; you just do! (And I wouldn’t have it any other way…)


5 thoughts on “AEDM Afterglow

  1. Right back at ‘cha Sue!!! You are the one who’s inspiring me!!
    Love this! I always see patterns I would never have thought of myself! Beautiful work here !!

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