Day 30 – AEDM 30

Day 30 – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

Late evening play. How many different patterns can I doodle on an 8.5×5.5 playing field?  Stay open. Don’t think too much. Be imperfect. It’s OK.

What a month. How can it possibly be over? 30 days of art plus launching the second phase of my art biz. I did it all. Wowee.

I didn’t get to some of the things I wanted to do. My moleskin is still in its wrapper and so are the pitt pens. But they aren’t going anywhere. I will open them when I can relax a little bit more. I’ve so appreciated meeting new artists and the inspiration received from you all.



6 thoughts on “Day 30 – AEDM 30

  1. love your you ever colour them? l do and sometimes l dont.I suppose it depends with me if l am doodling to get to the root of my problem…..thenit is just b/w. BUT if l am doing it because l just want to, it tends to be VERY brightly coloured!I can’t believe 30 days is over either!Lynda

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