something colorful

Something Colorful  – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

I colored this doodle with crayons. I needed me a hit of that crayola smell.

A story of some kind usually emerges while doodling, but today I got nothing. Can you help?

something colorful at night

Something Colorful at Night – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

Playing with it in Photoshop, inverting the colors and altering its placement on the page, was fun. I think I see a shy animal now. A shy, two headed animal? What see you?


11 thoughts on “SOMETHING(S) COLORFUL – AEDM 13

  1. I love all the eyeballs. To me it feels like a city or a carnival and the eyes are all the other people watching you, each other, and the environment. It also reminds me of Bruce Johnson prints, with all the bright colors and fanciful imagery. Maybe I’ll have to do a color doodle for my AEDM project…

  2. I love your fun doodles. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your comments about my mandala. I see you are a AEDM artist too. That’s really cool! Coloring with crayons is always fun and brings out the youngster in us all! Keep doodling! Glad we have connected.

  3. in a castle faraway
    where monsters are said to stay
    two carroty couple are wandering
    ‘why are we here?’ — wondering
    ‘why, to unlock a mystery
    and find out which is scary
    the monster of our imaginings
    or the insensitivity of human beings’.

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