Convo © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

I bought a new sketchbook on Friday made by BeePaper. I like this premium recycled paper. Sharpie marks lie down well. Prismacolor doesn’t go on quite as smooth as with  the Canson sketch book I had before, but that’s ok.  The book is a little bit smaller, which makes it easier to hold onto, cuz I mostly doodle in bed.

When I color my doodles, what I really like is imagining the conversations the colors are having with each other. Ultramarine shouts out Hey Violet Blue, you look pretty mysterious. Wanna hang out for a while? Aquamarine gives Neon Pink a high five and cheers Smashing. Lavendar whispers to Turquoise Here’s looking at you, kid.

Can you hear them too?