Many Paths – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

I have been occupied by different projects over the past couple of weeks that even the relaxing qualities of doodling didn’t soothe. I completed this doodle last night after beginning it last Sunday.(pssst sue…it’s about the journey, not the destination, remember?…. ) Well, anyway,when I stepped back and looked at it, I saw it as the perfect reflection of my brain’s activities lately.

I’ve been watching a program on PBS this morning about brain strength. I’m glad to know that the  brain can actually be strengthened by doing brain exercises (such as learning new skills) that are challenging and fun.

My current challenge is learning how to create videos for youtube. I’m excited.

What are you challenging yourself to do that is new and fun?


4 thoughts on “CHALLENGES

  1. Since I’ve been back from my glorious vacation, everything feels like a challenge. I was so relaxed
    while away and came back to a tsunami. My challenge is to stay in the moment. I love this doodle. Your mind is too busy. HA!

  2. Hello Sue,
    I would like to use your “many paths” doodle, with appropriate credit, of course, to accompany an article we’re publishing on reconfigurable microprocessors next week. Your doodle could be a kind of whimsical representation of the many paths the logic could take through the processor. This publication is gov’t funded, and I don’t have a budget to pay you. Your only benefit would be having your name and web site appear underneath. Please let me know ASAP — thank you!
    — Anne

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