Time for a Break

Be Tangle © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

I’ve decided to take a break from this blog. I’m not sure how long I will be away.

Never fear, I am not giving up my doodle love. It is part of my be-ing. I will continue to post my doodle art on Flickr and on my Facebook profile.

For now I really need to stay focused on projects that need my attention as I continue to work on taking my digital mandala art, Sacred Circle Mandalas, to its next level of development.

See you soon!


7 thoughts on “Time for a Break

  1. We’ll miss you. I’ve been having computer problems and not speaking up much, but I’ve been reading your posts when I can get on.

    I understand the need to get away from the screen, and attend to real life though! Good for you!

  2. Good luck Sue in your upleveling! I’ll be watching your flickr uploads! I’ll miss this part of my bloggie-world. Go for it, girl!!!Take good care 😀

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