Day 7 – Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning- © Sue O’Kieffe 2012


Starting at the very beginning is a very good place to start.

Have you found your sketch book? Purchased a pen? Sharpened your pencils? I’d love to hear your doodle stories. A friend of mine on Facebook posted her first doodle and told me she had way fun. These are the words that bring me such amazing joy! May they bring you happiness as well.

I have a confession. I was never one of those people who doodled in class. Nor do I grab a pen when the phone starts to ring. But I have discovered that I am able to concentrate and remember better when listening to someone while my mind is occupied with coloring.

If you are on Facebook and we aren’t connected, come join in the fun on my new page Sue Doodles.

How are you getting your doodle on?

~Sue Doodles


28 Days

Day 1


Unraveled – ©SueO’Kieffe 2012

I’ve missed this world of line and color.

I stopped doodling last summer because it stopped being fun. My inner critic was having a hey day. I had too much on my plate. I was in the midst of new adventures. There were many different reasons. But recently, the longing has returned. On March 11, I unearthed my art supplies and found a sharpie that wasn’t dried out. My prismacolors came out a couple of days later.

Then I found a new blog template that was bright and inviting.

I decided to create a 28 day project, because they say it takes 28 days to instill a new habit. I have not found my way back to the sketchbook every day since last Sunday, and that is ok.

If you are out there still and have been feeling a slump in your practice, come join me. This is a low pressure, not very well organized invitation to get back to something you have been missing (or have been wanting to try). This is a great time for newness with the Spring Equinox in just a few days.

I’d love to hear your comments. What are you doing that is New for You?
(Besides a return to doodle, I have recently begun an almost daily meditation practice as well).

~Sue Doodles