Joy and Passion Dancing – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world~Wayne Dyer

I inverted all the colors of my previous post’s mandala. White is black and black is white, and opposites on the color wheel are now displayed.  Wouldn’t it be dandy  to be able to apply an invert adjustment layer to our thinking about people and uncomfortable situations ?

~sue doodles



Joy and Passion – © Sue O’Kieffe

Focus on the color purple this week and you will receive good luck~ found in a fortune cookie

I’m not sure I believe in luck, but I sure do love the color purple. I also like green and coral and turquoise and yellow and just about every other hue and shade in the prismacolor box.

Over at Creative Every Day, Leah’s focus for the month of April is on color. When I looked at my recently completed doodle-dala this morning (which just now made me smile  hearing that word in my head), I thought something about these colors beckoned me to celebrate…  celebrate celebrate dance to the music colors.  And then, (gawwwd, I love sychronicity), I discovered that Leah’s theme on her blog today is all about celebrating our creative sparks. Ohhhh yeahhhhhh!

You know what else I realized this morning? ….doodling is my joy and mandala making is my passion. And that, I believe, is real cause for hand clapping and laughter. (For those of you who do not know, I also have a mandala blog where I focus on my digital art making and my appreciation for  everyday beauty and the healing spirit.)

I hope you will all take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the glory of your  creativity.  No one else expresses it quite like you.





Yup, it’s true, Im still busily doodling mehndi patterns in mandalas and creating variations on those themes in Photoshop.  Not only am I currently captivated by these patterns, Im also loving lush green. Did you notice I redid the theme for my blog in a lovely spring green? I like this layout better and find it easier on the eyes, as well.

I’m thinking in a couple of days I will present a tutorial about making these images and how I transform them in Photoshop. Would that be fun? Learning new things is way up on my list of values. How about you?

I’ve joined Leah Piken Kolidas for another year of Creating Every Day. These Mehndi Mandalas fit in nicely with her monthly theme of play.

See you next Mehndi!




Transitions – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

I doodled this around the time of Winter Solstice, thinking about seasonal shifts from darkness to light and what might be seen seen from above (way above!) during different seasons of the year. At the heart is change, of course. I love the wildness of winter as much as I love the expectancy that comes with spring.

On my mind right now is what I would like to usher into my life for 2009…not so much New Year’s Resolutions but New Year’s Intentions. 2008 was all about wonder for me. Here I am creating a daily doodling practice where a year ago I would have said I do not draw. Will wonders never cease?!  It’s good to let go of those self-defeating definitions, break out of the box, try out new things.

I have been reading  stories on Christine Kane’s blog, the stories of women who chose a one word intention for the year just ending and what has transpired for them.  Lisa Call’s story about courage was especially inspiring for me.

What about you? Do you have a ritual of setting intentions into place for the coming new year?




Mehndi is a form of skin decoration drawn with henna that is traditionally applied to brides(and bridegrooms)  in India and South-East Asia before a wedding. It is also used during any ceremony, after the 7th month of pregnancy, after the baby is born, and for family get-togethers.(from wikipedia) For those of you not familiar with mehndi, here is a link that will take you to an amazing gallery of images.

I am fascinated by these traditions and honor those who learn the craft. Over the weekend I had fun playing with the patterns used in henna art. After drawing the mandala, I brought it into Photoshop, played around with inversion adjustments and   gradient fills, as well as making photoshop brushes from the original design.

Manic Monday’s meme for the week is tradition and this is my contribution. Expect so see more Mehndi patterns in the future as well as an offering of the brushes I make .  How about Mehndi Monday, rather than Manic Monday? Hm. Manic Mehndi has a nice ring to it, too!




Follow the Music – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

How many of you out there have seen the movie August Rush ? For those of you whose hands are not raised, I heartily recommend renting this dvd. The main theme is about how music connect us all together for those who are willing to listen…melodic psychic vibrations linking you to me and me to you.

While creating this zendala, I was struck by the thought of the music all around, in the air, in the water, beating in the earth, crackling in the fire. Tune your ears to all those sounds we tend to tune out on a day to day basis…water dripping, car horns honking, coins dropping on the floor, paper rustling, keystrokes tapping…such exquisite percussion! Just tune in to that sound and stop thinking of it as annoyance and more like…life.




GREEN LIGHT MANDALA (Art Every Day series #22) © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

(source image: banana tree leaf)

I must admit this feels a little odd being a guest on my doodle blog. *Giggle*

I have been playing with photography for this year’s AED challenge, and over on Sacred Circle Mandalas I posted some images of a banana tree I often visit. Creating a mandala from one of those images was a natural progression in the flow of things. Why not add some little curley-que and spiral thingies to the image?

And for that matter, why not post here?


*Looking around.*

This place doesn’t look half bad.

Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective, yes?



Name this Doodle – © Sue O’Kieffe 2008

I discovered this doodle in my sketch book last night, forlorn and unfinished. Poor dear.

Now that she’s here in all her glory, what shall I call her?

On Day 3 of Art Every Day Month, here is your chance to do a little creative naming.

Hey, don’t forget to visit my other blog, where I’m also participating in AEDM!


Art Every Day Month 2008

Leah Piken Kolidas is doing it again! Yippee. I had such fun last year during her Art Every Day in November challenge, and I have re-upped to participate again this year. If you do not know about her art or her encouraging manner, be sure to go visit her here. Hope you play with us. I’ll  be picking up the challenge on my other blog, too.


I have experienced a creative frenzy this weekend (oh, you too?)which began on Friday after work and now, on Sunday evening, is just beginning to subside.

I’ve spent most of the weekend at the computer, except for the time I happily doodled before beddy-bye on Friday night. When I was finished, I saw am image that reverberated with the energy of Ganesh, the Hindu god who is Remover of Obstacles, the patron of art and science, and a deva of intellect and wisdom. He is a happy guy and mucho fun.

Morning Prayer

Aum Lord Ganesha, you make the flowers grow. You keep the Earth going around the Sun. You keep things going right. You are lord of the devas. I am one of your devas, too. Help me to think of the needs of others, and to be kind to everyone I meet. Help me to think of you first before beginning anything new, and to always do what is right and kind. Ganesha, sharanam sharanam, Ganesha.