My name is Sue. I like to doodle .


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  1. Sue, I am somewhat of a newcomer to the Mandala Group, and I have yet to make a Mandala although I bought a Mandala Coloring Book and am beginning to understand the relaxed, focused feeling of coloring a Mandala.
    Relaxed, focused, tenacious, joyful are just a few of the feeling I get from viewing your mandalas. I always look forward to seeing your new work.

    P.S. I came upon your website while researching Zentangle.

  2. Sue!

    I have doodled for years, never knowing anyone else did, or at least like I did. I’ve never finished one, rather, I have little ones on pieces of paper around the house, and at work!

    In fact, a co-worker shared a YouTube Video on Mandalas/Zentangles. I laughed out loud, shocked that I was seeing what I do every day!

    I particularly love the ones with eyes! I do that, too!!

    Thanks for sharing your doodles!

  3. Love your doodling. I started creating zentangles in May, 2009 & love it. I take care of hubby & this helps to ease the burden. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Sue… you really got some doodling going on there… fantastic.
    I’ve always been a doodler since I was a kid. I can’t have a piece of paper in front of me and not doolde on it… While I’m on the phone, and yes, while I was in school (hmm.. maybe that’s why I got that C in Math). .. and as a adult on my notebook while I”m in meetings at work… They are not Mandala-like, but they are swirlys, spirals, etc… I love your blog now and will bookmark it.. I plan on doing a doodling post on my blog shortly. thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi Sue,
    Like your stuff a lot.
    Is there any chance you would sell the Green Light Mandala to me? I would like to use it as my logo on a new little business my wife and I are about to set up.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Hi Sue, just found your blog while google searching for pretty doodle pictures and you have me hooked immediately. What more, my blog theme is same as yours and me too loves doodling.
    I am adding you to my blogroll right away.

    Happy doodling!! 🙂

  7. Hi Sue

    Just Stumbled upon your Blog, through Cheryl’s Journals site. I too have a Doodle Blog http://www.thedoodledaily.com I post a new doodle or 2 every day. I am trying to build up a community of artistic doodlers and would love to put a link to your site on mine.

    You are very creative. Love the colors. I will be checking back often

    All the best and help the doodle community grow.


    • Warren, thanks for visiting. I’ll be over to see your site soon. Somewhere along the way my blogroll got deleted. I need to do something about that, I reckon.

  8. Hi Sue! I love your work…both the black & white and the colored doodles.
    I see AEDM on a lot of your entries but I have no idea what it means. I’m curious to know. *listening carefully*

    • Hi Raine
      AEDM=Art Every Day Month, which took place all of November. Here is a link to Leah’s blog. If you are a creative, you might enjoy knowing about this site.

  9. I love your doodles. The artist in you shows up. I have never doodled, There was always a nun looking over my shoulder. Now I’m free and who knows, since I wouldn’t have to worry about what someone thinks I could doodle quietly and no one would know but me. I did color in a mandala recently. that was fun. It turned out pretty good. I like the fish in your mountain doodle. I love the colors. it looks like so much fun. Keep it up. As though you could stop.

    • Hi Gail, I encourage doodling if it appeals to you It’s such fun and a great way to play. You are the second person to mention in a fish in the mountain doodle. i was not consciously thinking fish, gold or otherwise. but doodles are not meant to be taken seriously, so if you see a fish then a fish there is.
      thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  10. Sue, and all your followers, I would love to have you all participate in the World Doodle Challenge that I started this week see my blog The doodle Daily for more details. http://tjomies.com/blog/?page_id=4374 All you need to do is doodle something and send it to me, indicating where in the world you are. We are trying to reacj 1,000,000 doodles. I call it “Uniting the world, one doodle at a time”

    Have fun with it.

  11. I love the doodle you sent out today. Now I really want to try it. I didn’t even know what prisma colors were. My husband is an artist. So he knows. What kind of pen do you use?
    Also I love the Mandal that was inspired by poison ivy or oak. I think it’s the purple that I love.
    Anyway I’m going to get my pad and start doodling.

    • Hi Gail,
      I use an ultra fine black sharpie. Other people like microns or pitt pens, but so far sharpies are my favorite. When you get your pencils, be sure to get a metal hand held pencil sharpener. They are the best for sharpening your pencils so the point doesn’t always break. They cost less than $2.00.
      Have fun. I know you will be hooked once you start. And don’t worry about those lines 😉

  12. Love your site, Sue! Your doodles are so spontaneous and fun. You’ve inspired me to start posting my own little creations (www.joodlesbyjulie.com). Ditto everything you said on your doodle blurb!


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