Day 17 Spring Things





























Spring Things © Sue O’Kieffe 2012

Are signs of spring finding their way into your sketchpad?


Po-tay-to Po-tah-to

sue okieffe©2012

A shift in perspective can be a good thing.

When you are feeling stuck or bored with your art, what kinds of things do you do that help?

I’d love to hear your suggestions.

~Sue Doodles

Day 15: Speaking What the Heart Sees

Speaking What the Heart Sees © Sue O’Kieffe 2012

I’ve had so much fun watching people venture out in the world of doodling, as well as hearing about different ways that people play with sharpies. I’ve seen doodles on skin.

Another  friend is adding doodling to  course curriculum she is developing. She said to me, I doodle BIG so the actual motion of creating the forms helps to deepen the embodiment I’m inviting. And I intuitively choose the colors and let myself be guided by what I’m embodying (I’ve already engaged movement and sound before I move into doodling.)

My doodle hero David Cohen talks about his views on doodling here. Please give it a read. It made me cry. (In a from – the – heart way).

I’d love to hear your doodle stories. Share your creations with me.  What are you working on? Leave me a link in comments or come play with us  on my Facebook page.

~Sue Doodles

Facing Day 14

Day 14 © Sue O’Kieffe 2012

I took a little breather from doodling.  You know how it is when life has other plans. But last night, when Sharpie called Sue listened, and a face emerged. Now I don’t like drawing faces all that much, but I felt pretty good just letting her show up. Another limiting belief busted.  I don’t think this is finished yet. I think she has more to say.

How are all of you doing out there in Doodleland? I’d love to hear from you, and I’m sure the rest of us would as well too. What’s new in your doodle worlds?