Day 12 Changing Limiting Belief Patterns

Some of you know that I have a digital identity as a mandala artist. (See HERE). I love the computer and photoshop. When I create hand drawn mandalas I prefer to do them intuitively and asymmetrically. I have never felt compelled to create hand drawn symmetrical sacred art because I’ve held a  belief that working with math would just be too hard <insert whiny voice>.

I have become fascinated recently with the Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry. Yesterday this great in depth article prompted me to look for step by step instructions on how to draw this sacred symbol.  I found it on this very well done video by my mandala buddy, Danny Frank (aka Cosmocto)

And parts of it were frustrating, but Danny was a good teacher;  I got past my compass phobia and felt proud of myself for doing something my ego swore it would never and could never do! 10th grade math was never this much fun!

I’m going to do another and add color to that one.

Where are you holding yourself back in your art? I encourage you to take a few steps and try what you always thought would be too daunting. Let me know how it goes.

It’s time to get your doodle on!


~Sue Doodles

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