Doodle Redux video : NOiSE /All the Night

Juraj Brabac used this doodle of mine to create this video! Fun and mesmerizing, eh?

13 thoughts on “Doodle Redux video : NOiSE /All the Night

    • Juraj, thank you for taking one of my favorite doodles and taking it to a whole new level of enjoyment! I hope we can do it again sometime!

  1. Thank you for the doodles that enabled me to approach the stressful today through the lens of the fairy tales and thus illuminated everything – helped me to regain the smile, awaken the wholehearted Thank you!
    art by Tomas

    • gwyn – it’s always nice to be missed, isn’t it? thanks for that! i’ll be back, for sure. i’ve just needed to take a short break! i’ll be back!

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