The Imp

The Imp ~ © Sue O’Kieffe 2011

He appeared in my sketch book, wanting to play. If you were his playmate, what would you do together?

15 thoughts on “The Imp

  1. I would bring him into my back yard and tell him to hug a tree to feel the
    beauty and strength of that tree and then I would have him pick his power animal so he could make a connection to that animal. I would probably ask him to color with me or create a mandala or even pick an Aura Soma
    Balance Bottle to help him figure out why he is an Imp. We might even try a Soul Retrieval to see what part of him was lost at some point in his life.
    I would also hug him and tell him I care about him. He would become my

    • Christina, maybe you could get him some milk and put him back to bed. Being an imp, he might get into trouble otherwise 🙂

  2. I think I’d cage him (gently, in my garden) along with my saboteur, let them go at it awhile till they were tame and behaving, then let them out and have a nice romp with them all.

  3. Ah Sue, This guy is AdOrAbLe, I’d probably just sit back and watch him, see where his little impish ways take him! I’m sure he’d make me laugh along the way! Too cute 😀

  4. I am so glad to report what I have done together with your doodle. I thanked your picture for the healing.
    I understand that such feedback sounds strangely, yet that is the truth. Your pictures have very strong effect on me, produce the magical art therapy. While the dark colors cover my Art by Tomas blog, because while having lots of invitations to participate in the art shows, I have no money to pay the fees (to print my artworks/to deal with the cost of the artistic materials) thus what remains to me is just the crashed visions. However! As I come to your blog, your drawings dry the tears at a glimpse – heals me literally. Therefore I gratefully bow to you my dear doctor. I bear your artworks deep inside the heart wherever I go and thus you guard me fro loosing the path. Thanks once again.

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