13 thoughts on “See Scape

  1. Sue, I love the palette and the fact that there’s so much sea-symbolism in there!! I find it so interesting when I can spot an eye in your doodles too…it’s like they know they are on display 😀

    • ever since i was a teenager, i’ve loved drawing eyes. as an adult, i’ve taken on spirals as a personal symbol. so how could i not draw them both? my hands won’t stop!

  2. just wonderful ! love all the details that tells about that gone (sorry but that’s how i see ) snail with a terrific house.envious,greed sea creatures are swarming around it.i see a bit of “zorbas,the Greek”here.at a closer look there’s another passed out smoldering creature with a cross on its face.i don’t know what happened in this beautiful,esoteric world.stained glass windows of a sunk church glimmering in the blue depth.leaving aside my interpretation i love it to bits!

    • ildiko,
      your interpretation is just so much fun and playful and lifted my spirits on this dreary rainy day. thank you for that! perhaps this is part of the lost continent of atlantis sunk to the bottom of the ocean! what do you think?
      “way down below the ocean where i wanna be, she may be” ~donovan leitch


      • i was a bit “afraid” for my comment seeing too much death in this superb doodle.although those eye creatures are v much alive. an intuitive balance as in life.you’ve read amidst my lines as i read through your doodle.atlantis were in my mind…

  3. I love the palette as well – the colors really work lovely together. I see an ocean-worthy contraption of a boat, with gadgets, gizmos + buttons galore. Great doodle.

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