Have Heart

Have Heart © Sue O’Kieffe 2011

This figure, Im sure, is very much inspired by the early signs of spring we are experiencing here on the North Coast of California. I am excited by sightings of daffodil, plum, magnolia and calla lily blooms. She wanted to come out and say to all of you “Have heart. Those of you blanketed in snow will soon be uplifted by the joyous occasion of crocus peeking through.” Have heart.

The energies of this new year have been keeping me pretty busy, I must say –lots of business stuff to attend to, new plans to make. It’s all exciting and a little stressful at times, and those are the times I look for my pencils. I hope all of you, too, are finding ways to express yourself creatively whenever you can. It’s important to our heart health and spirit maintenance, don’t you think?