So Many Faces

So Many Faces © Sue O’Kieffe 2011

I’m never sure who exactly is going to show up here in Doodleland, and this trio of faces stirred emotions in me I wasn’t sure I wanted to explore – let alone share in my blog. Who was this fiercesome kabuki actor or starry-eyed toddler anyway? The not quite masculine/not quite feminine third character was also a puzzle.

Sometimes I just don’t know what it’s all about, and the strength comes in accepting what is without judgment.

When I began doodling back in ’07, it was simply as a way to unwind. Even back then I knew that lots of my doodles came from deep within, allowing myself to express what needed to be expressed. I just never admitted that outloud. Here. On my blog. For the world to see.

Others, like Chris Zydel, who I admire greatly, have said things similar. It isn’t always about being pretty. It is about trust and faith in allowing the expression to occur.

One of the themes  in my life right now is an exploration of who I really am.  And so it is no surprise to me that I am looking at these faces as the masks we create to hide who we really are. The eye ( I ) of who we are shines bright lights of love on these false selves.

Aye, eye, I.

So that’s my interpretation through my filters. I would love to hear what you see through yours!



16 thoughts on “So Many Faces

  1. I’ve missed you around here Sue!! You are such an intuitive doodler….I’m way to regimented!! Ugh!! Maybe after I’ve been doing it for a few years I’ll loosen up!! Cuz if my doodles can help me figure me out….I need it like yesterday 😀 😀

    • Eden, I’ve missed being here cuz that means I get to see you you you!! And isn’t it wonderful how different we all are with our approaches? rejoice!

  2. Dear Sue,

    Thanks for your lovely acknowledgment of my work in this post. And thank you for being so willing to express yourself AND expose your creative self with such courage and self compassion..

    You are truly an inspiration to us all (-:

  3. so many many interpretations…
    first i love your doodle,the composition and oh,bright colors!
    faces are emotions -i see anger-frustration (the male),hypocrisy-social manners on your lady(some kind of transgender…) and innocence on the sparkly blue eyed toddler….hm.interconnected emotions,fellings that bubbled out on the papers surface ,faces that wanted to meet you…i aslo see the energetic aura of the “heart”oval (clean,healty) but the eye from the middle still doesn’t want to be opened…not to this world…(maybe?)

  4. When I doodle, most of the time I don’t know what’s coming out either. And other times, I try to control what’s being placed on the paper, even if it’s for my personal viewing. Just weird I guess. When it comes to your doodle, I think the faces certainly may represent an aspect of your personality. I think each adult has that childlike wonder still hidden, a bit of femininity and the face in the middle seems fierce.

  5. the toddler looks like a fish to me. re. revealing things on your blog: i was in a cafe working on an altered book when the owner said that is so beautiful but i won’t look too closely because it’s private and i thought well all my art is plastered across the internet…i am not going to censor myself.

  6. I’m just wondering… When you look back at your “Too Many Faces” post after more than a year, where you are with it now. Do you feel your quest has been fruitful?

    • Julie,
      Embracing the truth of who we are means acknowledging the masks. It’s been nine months since I’ve posted anything on my blog. Right now I’m planning to re-enter; I have missed this world of lines and color. It is part of who I am, but there is so much more as well.
      Thank you for asking.


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