Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

Every week I am part of peer group that practices Authentic Movement. If you are interested in knowing more about this type of expressive movement, you can read this wikipedia article. Last night when I was doodling, some of the feelings that arose in me  seeing the central image in the diamond shape take form, reminded me of how I feel when I am in this most authentic state. The line is luxurious, and that is often how I feel in my body. Allowing myself to play at last with my pitt pens was a treat. I deserve these things, to feel luxurious and to play with new toys.  I like enjoying myself, on paper and in movement.



8 thoughts on “Authentic Movement

  1. This doodle has such movement in it! Everything from gently waving fronds of some exotic undersea plant/creature to jingly bell-like (well, with me, it’s sound! so I hear things when I look at your doodles, sometimes….) dancing movement. Exotic and delicate but moving very strongly and fluidly. It is dancing to music that I can hear, when I gaze at this. ❤

    • hey joan, i really appreciate your comments and love that you hear sound in my doodles. i actually thought the lines on the left hand side sort of reminded me of an m’bira 🙂

  2. Oh i just lovvve your doodles. I love curly swoopy lines myself, and use them a lot in my own artwork! And each time i make one, it’s like taking a lucious lick on a lollipop… so decadent!

    • Expressive movement is a great way to stir the creative juices when we are creating art. I hope you can find something that resonates with you. Thank you for your comment and have a great holiday season

  3. I wanted to say thank you for sharing your heart through your doodling! I love them, and have been enjoying them all year.

    I dawned on me that I haven’t thanked you. There is something alive, joyful, spiritual and at times impish in your doodles. They always give me a smile.

    Merry Christmas,

    • Loretta,
      Thank you for taking the time out of what might be a busy day for you to share your thoughts with me. It means a lot.


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