AEDM #12 – First Colors

In the Spirit of Things – First Colors © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

This is  a DIP (doodle-in-progress).

Last night, reaching for my prismacolors, I remembered the beautiful (and possibly close to the last of) fall colors I experienced on my afternoon walk. Those are colors that fill me with joy, so now I will give myself time and savor them while I finish the embellishment of this doodle I posted first on Day 10.

It’s so nice to give myself the gift of time.

14 thoughts on “AEDM #12 – First Colors

  1. Ooh what lovely doodles you doodle 🙂 I’ve been browsing your blog and they’re beautiful. I have really got into doodling this past six months – it is totally addictive and very therapeutic I find. Have you come across the World Doodle Challenge? I recently submitted my first doodle into it. There are details on my blog posts. (BTW I’m not running it; just thought you may be interested).

    Great to discover you via the fabulous AEDM2010. I’m loving the inspiration and contact with so many creative people.

    Kat 🙂

    • hi Kat,
      I do know about World Doodle Day, and posted something about it sometime last month as well. I love doodling, the coloring just as much as the drawing. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Dear Sue
    This picture made my day. And that’s not just polite expression but the truth. While running across a sheet of paper, your pen healed my world from all dark thoughts and filled the heart with awe and gratitude. Thank you.
    I enjoyed your drawing greatly. My English vocabulary is too weak to define it properly but its obvious that you are sharing your heart with us here.
    Thanks once again and best wishes from Art by Tomas

    • Tomas,
      Thank you for your generous and kind words about my art, both here and on my mandala blog. I haven’t seen your art for quite a long time and will have to come visit. I used to follow you on Xanga and remember you well.
      Have a lovely day.
      Sue O’Kieffe

      • rev byrd ~ my mandala blog is located here. i look forward to the day when i have all of my personalities centrally located 🙂
        so stay tuned. i haven’t finished the color in this doodle yet, but i should be finished by monday!

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  4. What a wonderful drawing! Your colors blossomed out in my heart – while looking at the world through the lens of your art, I sit back in an awe towards the talking beauty of our surroundings that awake the precious dreams. Thank you for the unforgettable visual poetry

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