AEDM #10 In the Spirit of Things

In the Spirit of Things © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

This is my very most favorite way to doodle — snuggled in bed with my iPod on, listening to uplifting music, and letting my pen wander all over the page. Last night I had the added layer of rain on the roof. I felt all connected to nature and spirit and the oneness of it all.

This morning, looking at the doodle, I like the swirlies and the leaves and what I felt as a certain freshness. Im not sure if I will add color to it or not. We’ll see.


5 thoughts on “AEDM #10 In the Spirit of Things

  1. Great minds think alike…I posted a doodle (Zentangle) too! I love creating them and try to talk everyone into making them too…The are so relaxing aren’t they:)

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