AEDM#8 – Inspiration with her Familiar

Inspiration with her Familiar

I have wanted to take the time to color one of Tammy Vitale’s images for quite a while. A couple of days ago she posted this image on her blog for us to download. It was so much fun to give myself a different kind of me time and imagine who this goddess was, what colors she would wear, and what her cat would look like.  My inner clothes designer had so much fun. And of f course, this goddess was wearing some of Tammy’s fabulous jewelry. (Don’t you recognize the turquoise?)

Thanks Tammy.


12 thoughts on “AEDM#8 – Inspiration with her Familiar

    • i was thinking more like a tortoise shell, which i’ve been thinking about as the next kind of cat i would like. this was so much fun to do. thanks for your coloring book page♥

  1. Hi Sue,

    Too funny that you colored this download. I wanted to also, but I did not have a printer that is working so I would have had to fill it in digitally and that would not have provided the crayola “smell” and the textural feeling of the wax moving across the paper. I commented on her site that I loved the image. Glad you could do this and relax a bit.

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