AEDM #28 We Are One

We are  One – © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

How can we not love social networking when we are given the opportunity to connect with amazing creative lovebugs? This particular doodle came through while listening to singer/songwriter Athena Burke sing her jazzy bluesy song, We Are One. You can listen to her, too, right here.

For this particular mandala- inspired doodle,  I used crayons, crayola markers and twinkling H2O’s (for the shiny white bits – hard to see that in the scan – and the green bits, which I see as windows to the heart).

So much fun to create, and even better, so much fun to remember that yes, indeedy, We Are One.

AEDM #22 Reception

Reception © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

Earlier this week I was doing some energy work with my coach. The energy coursing through my hands was amazing, and I made a mental note to draw what it felt like. I felt my hand chakras opening wide.

This is an outline of my left hand, palm upward, that I doodled in. Left hand is feminine and receiving side. Hence the name. Electrical currents bursting through my finger tips. Gosh, we are all so powerful this way.

On another note, in case you didn’t catch my  earlier announcement, I have published my first Sue Doodles calendar this year. You can order directly from me up until November 30 and receive a bit of a price break on shipping.Ordering details are here. The calendar is a lot of fun. I enjoyed every minute of putting it together.


AEDM #14 – Nature Date

Playing in Photoshop with a photograph  I shot yesterday. I decided to let this be a simple sort of AEDM offeringAutumn Silhouettes

Autumn Silhouettes B&W

Autumn Silhouettes Blue

I’ve really been enjoying this challenge to post every day. I have another blog over here where I create mandalas from nature. Hope you come visit me there too.  It’s been so enjoyable to see new work from other people and get reacquainted with folks I haven’t seen all year.

AEDM #12 – First Colors

In the Spirit of Things – First Colors © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

This is  a DIP (doodle-in-progress).

Last night, reaching for my prismacolors, I remembered the beautiful (and possibly close to the last of) fall colors I experienced on my afternoon walk. Those are colors that fill me with joy, so now I will give myself time and savor them while I finish the embellishment of this doodle I posted first on Day 10.

It’s so nice to give myself the gift of time.

AEDM #10 In the Spirit of Things

In the Spirit of Things © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

This is my very most favorite way to doodle — snuggled in bed with my iPod on, listening to uplifting music, and letting my pen wander all over the page. Last night I had the added layer of rain on the roof. I felt all connected to nature and spirit and the oneness of it all.

This morning, looking at the doodle, I like the swirlies and the leaves and what I felt as a certain freshness. Im not sure if I will add color to it or not. We’ll see.


AEDM#8 – Inspiration with her Familiar

Inspiration with her Familiar

I have wanted to take the time to color one of Tammy Vitale’s images for quite a while. A couple of days ago she posted this image on her blog for us to download. It was so much fun to give myself a different kind of me time and imagine who this goddess was, what colors she would wear, and what her cat would look like.  My inner clothes designer had so much fun. And of f course, this goddess was wearing some of Tammy’s fabulous jewelry. (Don’t you recognize the turquoise?)

Thanks Tammy.


AEDM#6 – Expression

Expression © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

During last year’s AEDM, I vaguely remember saying I was going to open the moleskin journal I purchased in 2008. I never got around to it until last night. Whoo boy did that fill me with anxiety. Facing a blank page in a fancy schmancy sketch book. I just let the voices  have their moment.

Who do you think you are?

What’s so great about these journals anyway?

Whaaaa I want my old sketchbook

Picasso used one of these? Well, c’mon Sue. You ain’t him. These books are for ARTISTS.

And then I had the chutzpah to open up the package of pitt pens I’ve been hoarding for as long as I have the moleskin.

Other voices took over.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, Sue. Just see what it’s like.

This could be fun to try something new.

Wow, the pen sure feels different on the page. And look. No blobs like the sharpies leave. I like that.

So this little guy appeared on the page, sort of a dancing gecko sprite dude. And that was all I needed for the night. Im sure I’ll be back to play some more.

AEDM #4 – What?

What? © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

Before AEDM began I was exploring the use of  a limited palette and Im still playing with that. I’ll continue in this vein until something else catches my fancy.

When I finished this doodle, I felt there was a question being asked. Now just to discover the answer!