FRIDAY FIND: David Cohen’s Doodle-grams

Dreadful Bunnies © David S Cohen 2010

David S Cohen of Equation Arts is a Brand Therapist, an artist, and a doodler. His doodles make my heart all warm and fuzzy. He draws things he loves – bunnies and birdies and kitties and elephants. And now he is offering his doodles as doodle-grams. Send one to someone you love, just cuz. It will make them feel special. And their brains will turn to mush and their hearts will go all gooey too.

David has 5 galleries of doodles to choose from. I especially love his ghoulish bunnies above. Want to send a doodle-gram? Go here. Have fun deciding what to send. I know when David sent me a doodle-gram I felt really special. Do that for someone else. It’s one of those things they will remember for a long time. I betcha.


Got something doodley you’d like featured on Friday Find? Want to be a guest blogger here? Let me know, and we’ll doodle-it!