10 thoughts on “RGBs

  1. Loving this color palette, Sue….you do it so beautifully!! This is such a cool doodle, I see a girl facing left, with her arms up and holding that item above her head!! Very cool!

    • hi tammy. i like how you see things. thanks for your comment. i need to stop by, don’t i? im so bad with my blog manners. 😦

    • hi jr
      i like wordpress. eventually i want to have a website on the wordpress platform and combine all of my blogs in one place. but wordpress on their server is pretty easy, really. it has some differences from blogger. you can’t use javascript for one thing. i would think a computer literate guy like you would find it pretty easy. and the support staff actually responds to questions!

  2. I think limiting color palette makes for an effective design. Actually allows my eye to touch on each of the elements instead of being overwhelmed in color and pattern… Overwhelmed is fun too, but I like this idea. Worth exploring with other palettes! Beautiful!

    • Hi SueZen, thanks for leaving your feedback. Often when I choose colors for my doodles, I imagine one color having a conversation with another color — how do they relate to each other? Sometimes I think there is a lot of talking going on all at once. With a limited palette, I am finding I can actually hear what is being said 🙂

    • i found your comments this morning when I woke up from a long night’s sleep. your gratitude fills my heart with joy. bless you, tomas ♥

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