FRIDAY FIND: David Cohen’s Doodle-grams

Dreadful Bunnies © David S Cohen 2010

David S Cohen of Equation Arts is a Brand Therapist, an artist, and a doodler. His doodles make my heart all warm and fuzzy. He draws things he loves – bunnies and birdies and kitties and elephants. And now he is offering his doodles as doodle-grams. Send one to someone you love, just cuz. It will make them feel special. And their brains will turn to mush and their hearts will go all gooey too.

David has 5 galleries of doodles to choose from. I especially love his ghoulish bunnies above. Want to send a doodle-gram? Go here. Have fun deciding what to send. I know when David sent me a doodle-gram I felt really special. Do that for someone else. It’s one of those things they will remember for a long time. I betcha.


Got something doodley you’d like featured on Friday Find? Want to be a guest blogger here? Let me know, and we’ll doodle-it!


Adventures in Doodleland Calendar!

Wheeeeeee! My first foray into the wonderful world of doodle calendars.

I had mucho fun culling a few years worth of doodles to choose what I thought would be the best of the best to offer you.

So Im also offering you a couple of ordering options. I hope this doesn’t get to confusing. Here goes!

This year I am  offering the opportunity to order this calendar directly through me. Doing so will afford you a bit of a price break in shipping. In order to make sure I can get your calendars delivered in time for the holidays I will need to have payment via PayPal, check or money order by November 30th. Email me with the number of calendars you want to order, your payment method, and your email, and I will send you an invoice for your order.

Click on the calendar cover image above. This will take you directly to the publisher’s website. Once there, click on  Preview directly below the calendar cover image to see a 12 month preview.

U.S. Customers
1-3 calendars is $24.99 each plus $4.90 shipping Priority Mail.
More than 3 calendars ship $10.70 Priority Mail.
(In comparison, ordering directly from the publisher will cost you $8.99 in shipping for one calendar, $11.99 for 3 calendars, $14.99 for 5 calendars sent FEDEX ground)
6 calendars or more is eligible for a quantity discount.
California residents will be charged applicable sales tax.

Canadian/Mexican customers
Each calendar is $24.99 plus $11.45 shipping Priority Mail.
More than 3 calendars ship $26.95 Priority Mail.
6 calendars or more are eligible for a quantity discount.

Customers outside of North America
So that you can be sure to receive your calendar on time, I would recommend ordering directly from Lulu. com

Local customers
I’d be happy to make arrangements to deliver directly to you.

Gifting someone? Want me to mail directly to your giftee? I can do that. Just send the necessary information in your email.

Rather just order yourself? Not a problem. has a 3-5 day printing turn around, and shipping ground FEDEX takes about a week. (Shipping US Mail will take longer and cannot be tracked.) Just go ahead and order when you are on the site.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about ordering this calendar.  Contact information is in the sidebar to the right.

Get your doodle on in 2011! Woohoo!

~Sue Doodles

FRIDAY FIND:1,000,000 Doodles

OK all my doodling lovelies, wanna get your doodle on AND join in on a world-wide doodle project? This is so much fun.

Warren over at the Doodle Daily is having a world wide doodle challenge. He wants to receive 1,000,000 doodles in a year. Wouldn’t it be fun to help him out? All doodles will eventually wind up in a book used to support charity.

Click on the image below to get all the deets:

@Mark Skidmore

I did my part to make the world a better place for doodles. I hope you will too!

~Sue Doodles

Mountain Doodle

Mountain Doodle © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

You may ask what this doodle has to do with mountains, and so I shall tell you. Recently I went on a much needed vacation to Mount Shasta  California, which is one of those places on this planet where I feel most strong and alive. If you want to read more about my experiences , you can go here and here.

That evening after my journey, before sleep, I put sharpie to pad. I didn’t notice it at the time, but today I am noticing the proliferation of spirals, which symbolically have to do with growth. Other than that, I just had fun doodling and finding the colors. I played a little with my friend’s watercolor pencils, and would like to try some more of that down the road.

And I like the snake on wheels. He found a new way to slither.

I think this is one of those doodles I could spend time with and come up with many different stories the longer I got to know it. Just like life.

I’d love to hear what your story is about this doodle. Won’t you please share?