Dancing with Life

Dancing with Life @ Sue O’Kieffe 2010

Sometimes we dance with our demons (they have horrid bad breath and terrible yellow teeth). Actually, demons are very good dancers, and all they want is to have a little fun. The best way to dance with your demons is to laugh at them. They don’t hear enough laughter, and get tired of roaring and growling just to get a little attention.

Sometimes we dance with kites and scarves and other things that flow in the wind.  And sometimes we dance with sparkly things. Life has its rhythms and flows and dancing with life makes the day worthwhile.

Have fun with your dance and finding your inner beat. Wear your brightest colors and enjoy your day.



Good news! Stay tuned for information in the next few weeks about SueDoodles first ever calendar, Adventures in Doodleland 2011!


7 thoughts on “Dancing with Life

  1. Don’t know about the demon idea with this doodle, Sue, this one looks like a dancing angel, to me! Don’t believe angels have to be all white all the time!

    Thank you for the idea that demons growl for attention…my cat has much the same philosophy about yowling!!!

    If this is a demon, it is in full plumage and maybe that’s because it is finally getting the attention it desires/deserves…

  2. Hi Sue, I followed the link from your fb message. I can see enormous potential for workshops and ‘readings’ with this form of art. Really exciting! You wrote, ” The best way to dance with your demons is to laugh at them” Start laughing… 🙂

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