The Visitor

The Visitor © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

He came to earth and liked what he saw. He looks sad because large eyes often give that impression; but really, large eyes just make it easier to take it all in.

He was very happy to see how we all love each other. He loved seeing that we embrace our friendships with joy. He loved the beauty and the greenness of our planet.

His planet reveres creativity and he loved all the creativity present on our planet. He liked knowing that we use  our minds and our hearts to solve problems as well as to create joy. This made his heart shine brightly.

All the symbols on his clothing have meaning. If you spoke his language you would know he was an emissary of wellbeing. He builds bridges between cultures and planets and countless solar systems. He didn’t stay long here because other places were in need of him more.

We were blessed by his presence. Let’s continue to carry on with the goodness he witnessed.


3 thoughts on “The Visitor

  1. Sue, he’s adorable!!! I hope we can get him to come again….I want to see what he’ll be wearing, cuz he has the most COLORFUL and BEAUTIFUL clothes!! Glad he stopped by just the same 😀

  2. His eyes aren’t sad, they’re large so they can take it all in. I like how you explained that. 🙂

    Your colors here, too, are strong and make the statement of not just power but beauty in power. Your work really touches me.

    Faith-Magdalene Austin

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