Dancing the Dancer

Dancing the Dancer © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

Yesterday afternoon I came home after an exciting day in town shopping for groceries and spending time with a friend to an email with the subject line Top Blog!

After reading it a few times I realized SueDoodles had been awarded a top art therapy blogging award; and not only that this blog was  in the company of some other wonderful art therapy blogs. See?

Thank you, whoever you are, who voted for this blog. The one thing I do get is that it was based on reader nominations. This is totally awesome. Gosh. And humbling. But do I dig it? You bet.

I am not an art therapist in any kind of official sense to anyone but myself. I don’t have a bunch of initials behind my name or really any formal art training. I’m just fascinated by color and line and patterns. And Im happy to be part of a rather vibrant doodling community.

And I am delighted that you find my art inspiring and uplifting.

Three years ago I still ran the internal story that I could not draw. In November of 2007 I participated in Leah Piken Kolidas’   friendly challenge to create art every day during Art Every Day Month. I decided to doodle everyday for a month as a way of spending less time at the computer. (Did you know I have another very active life as a digital mandala maker?)

And I’ve been doodling, more or less every night before I go to sleep, since then. I’ve tried doodling away from home, during the middle of day, waiting in doctors’ offices, but really — doodling is my night time ritual.

So if you hold a story about not being good enough, would you be willing to suspend that belief long enough to get a pencil and paper and just see what happens when you put it on the paper? You could have a whole new life waiting for you!

It’s taken me three years to not care what I put in my sketch pad. Not caring is totally freeing.

Dancing the Dancer is also about freedom and moving from an authentic place in my heart and holding my arms up in love. Plus, I really love this color palette. Someday I’m going to design me some clothes in these colors.

Have fun out there. It’s so worth it!

~Sue Doodles

9 thoughts on “Dancing the Dancer

  1. I am totally in awe of every doodle you send via e-mail. Dancing The

    Dancer is so incredible. I wish you lived near me in Massachusetts. I love

    the bright and vibrant colors you used on the Dancer. She really speaks to heraudience. I have two of your mandalas:Wishing Star Mandala and The
    Earth Dance Mandala. I like to color mandalas in coloring books of mandalas. Working with color is so restful. Linda Page

    • Hi Linda,
      Of course I remember you. Thanks for commenting on my doodle blog. I think any kind of coloring activity is restful.
      If I lived closer to you in MA, what would you want to do? 🙂 Ever curious me 😉

      • If you lived near me I would love to have you share your knowledge by

        presenting workshops or informal gatherings with like minded doodlers.

        You have a special skill and you are truly an inspiration to the magic you

        create. Thank you. Linda Page

  2. Your doodling is not only an inspiration….we can all recognize
    that it springs brightly from your soul…and what a soul!
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. i’m fascinated by color and patterns too.i love the vibrant color scheme you’re using .you were a great inspiration to my recently refound love-doodling-and i really beleive that “art” can heal.it is very uplifting once you’ve found your inner “voice”……love your soul fly dancer!!!!
    congrats for the award!!!!!

  4. I just happened upon your blog while I was looking for doodling calendars. So glad I came upon it. Your work is beautiful. I’ve been trying to learn to draw off and on for years. I’ve decided that realistically I will never be a fine artist, but doodling is something I think I can do. Just have to let go and not judge and to let go of the idea of perfection.

    • A while back I told all the voices I was hearing about doodling and needing to be perfect to just SHUT UP. I’ve been much happier ever since, cuz I think they actually listened! Doodling is so worth it. I can’t draw worth a darn, but I can do this, and I love it. Oh, I’ll be announcing more about my doodle calendar on Monday, so I hope you stay tuned. It’s my first, and I think it turned out GREAT!

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