Welcome to my Universe

Welcome to my Universe © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

Whee. Are we having fun now?

I created the doodles and started the fun part of coloring, when I decided the background would look better black. First I used neocolors with water, but the black was too grey. Out came the black marker.

I’m thinking next time start with black paper, outline in white pencil and see what that’s like.

The black created a sense of mystery for me, of night sky and heavenly bodies. And these are the constellations of my imagination.

Welcome to my Universe.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to my Universe

  1. Why the smile on hunchback of Notre Dame’s face?
    Is the worm for the bird or the fish?
    Is that viking ship taking little mermaid’s shell?
    And what are those Last Supper meal?
    Oh what in the world i am seeing
    I’m sure those are aliens from my imaginings 🙂

    cool doodles
    keep on inking 🙂

  2. You’ve got such a FUN universe!! It’ll be interesting to hear what you think of the black paper, if you try that route…..I’m really curious.

    • Eden, now I think I gotta do it, just to check it out. I’ve done work on black before and really dig it, but nothing quite as extensive as this doodle. OK, Im psyched!

  3. Your art would be stunning on a black background – another option is to combo the art and dark background in PS. I like this interesting tangent, I and hope there will be lots of experiments ahead! ~ Tammy

    • hi tammy!
      i’ve already started the doodle on black. sketched out in white and done some of the coloring.ive fiddled around with my doodles in photoshop. making the selections is a little time consuming, but that works too. im having fun with this experiment. can’t wait to see how it sorts itself out… 🙂

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