Self Portrait – Face of Freedom

Face of Freedom © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

Another self portrait asked to be expressed. Maybe this is a theme that will continue for a while. We’ll see.

There is a mask like quality to this doodle. I love the colors, the birds flying over the mountain tops, and the freedom that comes with self expression, not needing to be perfect or having to please anyone but myself in this doodle.

Tech stuff. Im using a larger sketch book now – Canson XL Mixed Media 98 lb. I like the larger size book that allows me to use twinkling h2o’s and neocolors along with the dry media of prismacolor pencils. I was feeling a little cramped in the other book I was using so this is nice.


6 thoughts on “Self Portrait – Face of Freedom

  1. So enjoy your doodles, Sue. And I agree with you, it’s nice to get back into my own style after the Zentangle craze. You inspire me to attempt to put color into my work–something I haven’t explored much thus far. Thanks for brightening my e-mail box!

    • Dia Thanks for visiting, for your comments, and for linking Sue Doodles to your site. I shall return the link love.

  2. Sue, Another vibrant doodle, so freeing to draw whatever you wish, and add color, not having to adhere to any rules or theme. Lovely work!!! Do you like the Canson paper? I’ve doodled on the Canson watercolor paper, and liked it well enough, but not perfect… maybe a touch too rough for my hand. ~ Tammy

  3. Tammy, I like the Canson paper ok. I wanted to try it out because it is for multi media, and i liked the size of it. it’s a bit too absorbent for the sharpies, but not the end of the world. and since i do most of my doodling in bed, i need something that is easy to handle.

  4. I like this one a lot. Thanks for sharing your paper preferences. I find not enough artists add that with their drawings 🙂
    I’m just getting started myself and found some really cheap Strathmore 70lb pads at the art shop–seem to be working great for pencil and black sakura liners but I still ❤ my moleskine too 🙂

    • Hey Adam, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’ll have to take a look see for the strathmore pads. One of these days I’ll be brave and crack open my moleskin. I’ll be by to see what you are up to.


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