Self Portrait – Grounded in Gold

Self Portrait – Grounded in Gold © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

A power outage over the weekend took me to Starbucks with sketchbook, sharpie  and iPod in hand. Sipping on some incredibly sweet Vanilla Bean milk shake concoction and listening to Krishna Das, this image began to emerge. A recent renewal of psychic healing techniques came to mind, and I realized that a visual expression of those spiritual gifts is what wanted to emerge in this doodle.

I am relearning the importance of grounding and letting go as part of my spiritual practice as well as renewing and replenishing my energy. The demonstrations of how much grounding deep into the earth and letting go of unwanted gunk has gotten me through some pretty challenging times this past week.

When I began filling in the details of this doodle with color, I gave myself permission to be imperfect. I know where the shortcomings are in my painterly abilities, but I also knew it was more important to lay color on paper than be a perfect little artist.

Sometimes when I look at this image it feels a little dark and heavy and weird, but mostly it is playful. We view our work with such critical eyes. It’s freeing to just let what comes out speak for itself.

How does your spiritual practice interact with your art?

Sue Doodles

9 thoughts on “Self Portrait – Grounded in Gold

  1. Sue, this doesn’t look dark at all to me! I love the fun lively energy and colors you used here! My spiritual practice is usually a stop and listen one, I tend to follow my own inner compass like if I find myself interested in my little birds with their personalities then I will watch in my life for another bird to doodle. Or like when I wanted to try a sketch drawing from a picture, I went with a picture I liked and missed from my childhood, and went there. Nothing too hard, but giving myself permission to express myself in different ways is definitely influenced by the spiritual side of my nature.

  2. hey eden, thanks for sharing your healing stuff and for sharing your perceptions of mine. i think when i was drawing this some dark feelings must have come up…no matter, really, cuz they needed to come out anyway. i think all those pointy lines feel sinister and stabby at times, while other times they are energetic and vibrant…


  3. Sue, This doodle is sparkly + fun + vibrant + groovy, one of my favs of yours thus far. Intriguing, but definitely not dark. I’ve discovered that creating art – of any type – is the key to my feeling balanced and happy. At this point, I can’t NOT do art!

  4. Wow! I’ve been looking at your doodles and I’m completely blown away at the power and elegance behind them. These are simply beautiful.

    I’m sure people say this to you all the time, but, have you ever considered opening up an Etsy shop to offer prints? is where handmade arts and art prints are offered to those of us who appreciate beautiful heART. You might want to consider doing that because you really are that good.

    Your work is spectatcular and I’m so happy I stumbled onto you.
    Faith-Magdalene Austin
    SUNDRIP – Art for Life

    • Hi Faith,
      Thanks a lot for your comment and affirmation. Actually, I do plan on opening an Etsy shop with my doodles. If Im really lucky, I’ll be able to get it launched before Christmas

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