7 thoughts on “The Lift

  1. love this too….it seems to be a palm for me with a missing toe,maybe that swirl gate took him to mystical shores of the unknown.i like the bonding green elements and their purple colour match.
    i belive art can heal through relax…our brain needs that treat

  2. i will carry you
    i will lift you
    inspite of the weight
    for i just can’t wait
    to see you reach for new heights
    great feelings instantly in your heart
    should you feel dizzy above,
    alone and no love
    will bring you down slowly
    feel the ground once more
    to feel true love and glory 🙂

    • hello bendedspoon
      so much fun having you visit to embellish my doodles with your fun words. can’t wait to see you another time♥

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