The Guardian

The Guardian © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

The Guardian showed up on my page a month ago when themes of creativity and communication seemed to be inspiring me.

Snakes on the brain? Wots up wit dat?

While snakes are symbols of creativity and fertility and transformation, and lightning speaks to me of flashes of inspiration, I still can’t quite get over the feeling that this being has control issues in a big way.

What message do you think this fellow wants to share?


8 thoughts on “The Guardian

  1. Love your colors and the shapes here! This kinda reminds me of a Tartan Helmet….i think that’s what they’re called. Very cool doodle, again 😀

  2. i love your doodles Sue,an inspiration for me!
    especially the coloured ones…this is very exotic,an abundence of fresh eye catching fruits i never tasted but drooling of…i must admit your guardian is very wealthy.he may be an excellent guard for those magical fruits but tell him my eyes absorbed them seeking no permission and i could almost fell their forbidden taste…now i go to find out more about prismacolor though i may have around the house but this is it while i’m sending to you my best thoughts from another place called Romania…

  3. crooked road
    dangerous road
    you might wandered
    but don’t ever wonder
    how come you’re roaming in there
    you took those steps, remember?
    you might have loved
    the audience applause
    for satisfying their whim.
    you might have rocked
    just like the tail of the peacock
    but slowly you grow sharp fangs
    from your mouth, words stung
    your heart was covered with envy
    you had to stitch those belly
    when your fame is over
    the broom is just so near
    to sweep all of you
    towards the swirling turbo
    but hey the king has a suggestion
    pause and really see your reflection
    you might want to cleanse and take action
    for that amazing transformation

  4. hey spoon,
    thanks for your fun interpretation of my doodle. i think the guardian just needs a little lovin’, don’t you?

  5. last june the kiddos and i decided to bend spoons for the fun of it. while bending spoon i saw myself as such. regardless how others see me or how imperfect i am, i still can share something — such as a smile 🙂

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