The Oracle

Oracle © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

It started with one long line looped around the page. As  I continued to fill in the spaces, the shape of a face began to emerge. I don’t normally draw faces, but this powerful wide eyed woman seemed to have something important to share.

Listening to her, I recognized what I have known for awhile.  She reminds me that I am shifting  the focus and intention of my doodling to embrace it as a healing activity. My heart has been touched many times by the comments left on my blog that my work inspires.  More and more I am owning that this art is a healing activity. My intention and my passion is motivated by a desire to express  heartfelt truth, and to assist others in finding theirs.

Art and creativity is such a great way to do this.

I speak from my  inner knowing and create using  intuitive symbols. When I listen to what The Oracle wants to share with me, I see all the stories and symbols and words of wisdom waiting to be expressed. We hold back out of fear.

My strength is in my sense of humor. I love being playful and funny and the way I express that best is through these doodles.

And so today I encourage all of you who play on paper to find your voice, your symbols, your special meanings. In the days to come I will share more of my process and offer suggestions so you can find what works for you.

I look forward to our playtime together.

Sue Doodles

8 thoughts on “The Oracle

  1. Sue, I love your oracle lady! I love to listen to what my “doodle drawing” says to me too. Looking forward to your voice about this to come. She’s so wise 😀

  2. You are right. There is something to this form of art that taps a different well of creativity. I could get the zen and deep focus from my artwork, but never the sense of rightness and contentment, that I get now.

  3. She definitely expresses a new tack, a continuation of your evolving consciousness.
    “Speak Now.” What would each of us have to say as we face the Oracle! Look forward to more! 🙂

  4. This is so great – I am having a BIG FAT deja vu right now….holy cow!
    You know I think Dr. Jung would call your evening doodling ritual “active imagination”……a depth psychology visit to the collective unconscious!
    I believe your turban lady is a friend of mine……
    Thanks honey!

    • that’s fascinating, michelle. she seemed really familiar to me at the time, too. we have a topic for further conversation, i think. what else would an oracle do?

  5. I have always followed and enjoyed your doodles right from the time I joined flickr..

    You have a very unique way of expressing your inner self through your doodles…

    We both share the liking towards ‘Ganesha’…

    I agree with you that when you start to doodle it is something which makes you forget yourself….you begin to take a journey to a different world…

    Happy doodling…

    Please visit my photostream in flickr and give me your feedbacks..


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