A colorful journey

Journey – © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

Creating this doodle over a couple of evenings was a lot of fun. Towards the end I remembered a post I had seen over at Daisy Yellow about slow journaling. I wanted a word n this doodle, and journey wanted to be added in the lower left hand corner. I have for sure been on a journey of the heart.  It wasn’t until I scanned the doodle that I saw the outline of a bird…a parrot? a dodo? some feathered friend residing in my imagination? Yes, of course! Birds are messengers from spirit. I knew this one would be vibrant!

Journey in Color © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

I played with my prismacolors over the next few nights. Yellow beak and bright orange breast – yes! of course. Second night I was exhausted but still wanted to add a little more color  before I turned out the lights. I thought of my friend Fabeku Fatunmise. Now Fabeku does this totally amazing stuff with sacred sound to help us get unstuck. And he’s generous too. And fun. So I decided to listen to the downloads I had of his sacred sound (which you can download here and here for free!). It was perfect with the centering vibes of the Tibetan singing bowl and his drum. And then I remembered the drumbeat of shamanic journeying and yes here I was in a journey with my doodlebird and it all made sense as the sound transitioned into the track from his CD. And I started to hear color — so wild — electric blue and magnificent magenta and color combos that go boing together. It was quite a ride, and when the track was over I turned out the lights and slept soundly. SOUNDLY!

Yesterday I completed the journey. I was operating mostly on vibe anyway after not much sleep, and I was deeply in touch with energetic presence. I’m still learning how to add color that represents the energy I see…the sparkles of blue and pink and yellow, the auras. I imagined the bird absorbing the energy of carnelian (the round orange orbs). Powerful stuff.

So do you listen to music when you do art and how does it affect you and what you create?


12 thoughts on “A colorful journey

  1. Sue, I just thought of you cuz I did a doodle that reminds me of yours, I’ll be posting later……I’ve missed you!!

    To answer your question about music: gotta have it!! Sometimes I even listen to the same track over and over for a piece! I’m such a geek!!

    I’ll be back to check out your Fabeku downloads!

    Love your bird, looks very Dodo-ish to me!! He’s mighty cute and proud!

  2. Fantastic work! I do think that adding color gives a new dimension to the zen experience. You tap a different part of yourself than when you stay with black and white–more emotional.

    I listen to music, or sometimes just listen to TV without paying attention to storyline. But ofen, I’m so deep into what I’m doing that I don’t hear anything at all.

  3. Your art is lovely, so vivid, cheerful, happy. With regards to music, I draw in so many different environments – the breakfast table, the car, the pool, the bookstore, and I really tune the world out! So it’s not key to my creative process. Not to say that I don’t love music, I do!

    • tammy, i love that space of tuning the world out as much as i do realllly tuning in. maybe in the long run they are really the same place more than we realize

  4. I am enjoying your blog and love your doodles. I am new to both blogging (on a daily basis as I have another blog which is only used after a holiday on our forest block) and doodles. The more I doodle the more I love it and music is very important, playing gently in the background, I am able to lose myself in the whole experience.
    PS: I love your use of colour.

  5. Whoa! This is soooo amazing. I have a name, if not a place, for a Reiki practice that I wish to pursue: Resounding Reiki. I love sound healing. My favorite way to receive Reiki is a technique my Reiki master taught me called Reiki Drum beat. I am collecting more “noise toys” as a drum circle friend calls them to work with. And then you write about hearing color! Awesome! Fabeku is also amazing, thank you for telling us about him. Love his blog and his sound healing clip just put me in a very wonderful mood, although I was pretty good to start with!
    I love this bird, and your commentary about what was happening with the evolution of this “doodle”. Thank you, Sue.
    Oh, and I loved coloring books. I bought several black and white books, meant to be copied or just used, of mandalas to color. I have yet to start using them! Another thing on my list.
    I love love love your doodles and I totally love that sound brought about this one. I don’t “do art”, I don’t think I draw attractive stick figures. I would like to start coloring again. With the weather getting so nice, though, it may wait until we are tucked in by winter again to happen, and that’s just fine. I have lots of loveliness on my plate! Fabeku’s site is just so great. And I re-met someone here in PA who does Tibetan singing bowls and I may get to hear some Saturday, so that will be wonderful! Thank you again, Sue. The synchronicity is astounding, another lovely gift from the Universe, another lovely “bread crumb” to let me know I’m on the right path, and encountering the right tribe! Don’t know where I’m going to end up, but I’m willing to put one foot in front of the other today.

  6. I could so see this as a blanket~ Wow!

    I have music on while painting or sketching. I usually use classical music as it seems to energize my brush strokes. I sometimes watch movies I know have a lot of classic scores in them just so I can hear the music while painting.


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