Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns © Sue O’Kieffe 2010

I had an epiphany about  patterns while working on this doodle, and it was such a perfect reflection on life as well. It goes something like this:

I love doodling. It calms and soothes me while opening and energizing me at the same time. But sometimes I get frustrated because I keep using the same patterns over and over again. In doodling, where everything is before me on that blank page, the repetition is easy to recognize. In day to day life, it takes willingness and a personal commitment to allow in awareness  about the thought and behavior patterns I repeat that create that frustration in the first place.

Now on the surface, is recreating those familiar patterns in my doodles such a bad thing? It is only me giving myself a bad time that is the problem. Is being such a big meany to myself a pattern worth repeating? What about creating some patterns of self love?

It is fitting that this doodle is on the last page of my sketchbook. And it is with intention that I have decided to name  my new sketchbook Healing Patterns.

We all tell ourselves stories that keep us in patterns which don’t serve our higher good. What can you do, just for today, to create something new for your life?


12 thoughts on “Repeating Patterns

  1. WOW Sue, I really like this one. Your work is so intricate and amazing. I just put some new ones on my blog a couple of entries/days ago. Hop on over and take a look. ( A little Easter humor with the “Hop”

  2. Sue, I like your analogy with your doodles and life! I always like to see patterns in my art, but in my life, I want to not feed the negative patterns! I think the first step is recognizing that they even exist. The control is ours then!

    I also see some patterns I haven’t seen in your work before here! Kudos for that!

    • Hey Eden. Nice to see you. I gotta come over and see what you’ve been doing. I’ve been remiss in getting around. (Another one of those patterns I hope I can alter.)

  3. Sue, the insights you’ve shared here really hit home with me! Thank you for sharing this doodle (love your doodles) and for the insight.

    For today I am going to try something new — for every self-defeating old pattern thought that springs into my mind, I’m going to follow it with its opposite.

    We’ll see what that experience is like!

  4. Very thoughtful. I really liked this doodle, and I think it is interesting that even though you do use some of the same patterns and themes over and over again, none of your doodles are the same.

    • hey ellie, thanks for stopping by. it’s the thought patterns i needed to change, the feeling bad for doing what i do. it’s the pattern of self-bullying that needed to shift. and so far i’ve been doing pretty good.

  5. happy to have found your blog!! Just returning to the zentangle/doodle world after a long hiatus (haven’t doodled since a teenager) and I’m excited!! Will def. be following your blog for inspiration!

    thank u!

  6. Wow! I love the brightness and diversity of your doodles. You have no need to apologize for what you are doing at all. I have a question about pens…what kind to you mostly use?

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