sore feet

Sore Feet – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

Sometimes my characters crack me up.

So how I doodle is I just put my pen down on the paper and meander around the page to create the basic shape I’m working with. Then I start laying down the detail. (I know a video would be really helpful here. Someday that will be part of my skill set.)

Anyhoo, it wasn’t long before this snazzy woman who has probably spent too much time in spiked heels showed up. She told me she had sore feet, and I believe her. Poor baby has her other foot all bandaged up. Can you spell B U N I O N?

I’m going to spend some time with her(and maybe find her a good podiatrist) for the next few AEDM postings to see what else she has to tell me.

aedmlogoredHappy creative bliss days, everyone!


5 thoughts on “SORE FEET – AEDM 7

  1. Sue, she’s beautiful, bandage, high-heeled and all! I’ve never seen your “before” doodles! Super excited to see her in all her colorful glory!

  2. I love to doodle too! I have for years. I used to think it was silly because I wasn’t really “drawing” anything, but I have always liked to do it and always like what comes out of it. It really is relaxing and gets those creative juices flowing, I think.


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