mixing it up

Mixing it Up © Sue Doodles

I took some time off from doodling when it began to be a chore . Where’s the fun in that, I ask?

So now that Im back, I want to play with new stuff, and I definitely want a bigger playing field. Next on my list is to purchase a larger sketch book. I don’t like feeling cramped on the page.

This doodle is just about having fun with color and mixing up the media (in this case, prismacolor pencils and crayola watercolor are learning to play well together).

I wonder if somewhere there is a warehouse filled with authentic Berol prismacolor pencils? I don’t care for the new pencils manufactured by Sanford. Is there another brand you love just as well?


3 thoughts on “MIXING IT UP

  1. you are really good at drawing sue. i draw sort of the same things i am olivia i am 12 years old and she is an inspiration . you have a bright future ahead of you sue . never stop drawing . inspiration is everywhere!!!!!!!!!

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