FRUITILY-DOO @ Sue O’Kieffe 2009

I have some resistance to trying out new things artistically when I’m not sure I will like the results. I have been thinking about this shadow part of myself the past few days and talking about it with one of my online groups. Then this morning I read Dan Goodwin‘s blog post today about allowing ourselves to get messy creatively. I don’t have any trouble recognizing my illusions of perfectionism, but owning up to the voices attached to that attitude takes some willingness to listen. Last night I was doodling ; the dragon emerged as well as the one-eyed tyrant sitting on top. It took a little more internal prodding to convince myself to use colored markers rather than my usual prismacolor pencils.

The initial image morphed into another idea once I brought it into Photoshop for editing.



One of the things I felt when using these markers was out of control. But I think it was worth it, because I like the end results and will enjoy seeing how else I can play.

What we resist persists. Or as the Borg Collective used to say Resistance is Futile!