light my fire

Light My Fire – © Sue O’Kieffe 2009

I was inspired to create this doodle after experiencing a really intense coaching session with the wonderful Laura Bly.

It feels so good to cast off all the negative energy that has clogged up the pores of my naturally positive self and throw it all in the funeral pyre. May the ashes be transformed to rise again just like the phoenix . Hot damn.

My own interpretation of this doodle is —  first the fire, then the rain to cool and relieve; sweet peace follows along with incredible growth.

(Unfortunately I can’t embed a music player on my blog to go along with this post. Wouldn’t that  be perfect to play Jim Morrison’s iconic song for Creative Every Day‘s June theme of sound?)

7 thoughts on “LIGHT MY FIRE

  1. it’s so alive!!! I too, like the flowers coming out at the top.
    great energy to this…. I think your fire is lit!
    you go girl………….

  2. This is one of your best ever. The fire, the ashes, the rain, the flowers … I love it. And the colors are wonderful.

  3. when I opened this site and saw this doodle, the word WOW popped through my mind…wow…I love this doodle…definitely one of your best yet…GREAT energy…making peace with fire are you? =D

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